Despite only appearing in a handful of episodes in the show’s first season, Louis Herthum’s Peter Abernathy made a big impact on HBO’s Westworld. He was one of the first robots to begin breaking out of his programming, and Herthrum did an excellent job selling the existential horror of realizing that your entire is a lie designed to allow strangers to murder and/or have sex with you.

Now, Deadline is reporting that Herthum will return as a series regular for the show’s second season, and he will still be playing Peter Abernathy, the “father” of Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores. That last bit seems like it should’ve been obvious, but you never know with a show like this. He could’ve turned up as one of the robots in Samurai World or something, even though everyone involved in the show is still pretending like nobody noticed the Samurai World thing.


Talulah Riley, who played another of season one’s interesting robots, will also be a series regular when the show returns at some point in 2018.