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Pete & Pete’s Danny Tamberelli belatedly parodies R.E.M.’s “Stand”

It has been nearly 20 years since Danny Tamberelli last graced basic cable television as the younger of the two Petes on Nickelodeon’s The Adventures Of Pete & Pete. Today, along with Jeremy L. Balon and Brendan O’Rourke, the erstwhile Little Pete is one-third of a comedy troupe called ManBoobs. The trio, which formed in 2007, continues to perform at live comedy events and produce original online content. An example of the later is “Stan,” a dark parody of R.E.M.’s bossy 1988 hit “Stand.” In ManBoobs’ version of the song, a creepy Craigslist moving man (Balon) lures schoolchildren into his van with candy and balloons, while two of his customers (Tamberelli and O’Rourke) are slow to catch on to his nefarious motives. “In bushes with treats,” they sing, “his treats are appalling. If you get in his van, he’ll read J.K. Rowling.” By the end of the song, fortunately, justice has been served, the moving man is a guest of the state, and the signature line dance from the original 1988 video has been imitated several times.

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