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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Say what you like about the exhausting, pig-adjacent, and now apparently quite dead romance between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande: At least SNL got a couple of fun jokes out of it. Even Davidson seems to have a grasp on how ridiculous the last, very public year of his life has been, poking fun at his retroactively disastrous engagement in a new promo for the show’s upcoming November 3 installment.


Said episode is being hosted by Mid90s director Jonah Hill, with music duties being handled by “Alaska” singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers. Standing in close proximity to a young, up-and-coming music superstar, Davidson did what he now, in the public consciousness, must always do: Popped the question to her at roughly a moment’s notice, only to get blithely shot down. The result is one of those rare moments that feels both refreshingly self-aware and embarrassing by proxy; after all, it’s not every day someone in Hollywood manages to out “self-deprecatingly awkward” Jonah Hill, so, you know: Congratulations, Pete, and/or better luck next time, we guess.

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