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Pete Buttigieg takes a page from Obama by slow jamming the news

With the Democratic field as crowded as it is, each 2020 hopeful is doing their damnedest to distinguish themselves however they can. On last night’s episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, South Bend Mayor Pete “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg attempted to make the case to voters that he’s more than just a guy with a difficult to pronounce last name—he’s also a guy that can “Slow Jam The News.” We all remember when Barack Obama did that back in 2016, right? Hey, remember Barack Obama? Remember how he was president? Anyway, here’s another guy that could also be president. Just like Barack Obama. Remember him?

Granted, Buttigieg and his team were presumably hoping this would result in more than just a subconscious Obama reference. It’s also an opportunity for the candidate to lay out his campaign promises, make a case for why he can beat Donald Trump in next year’s election, and remind everyone that he’s nearly four decades younger than the current frontrunner and, thus, knows how to “rap with the kids.” We look forward to seeing the remaining Democrats discuss fixing the public school system via lip-sync battle.


[via Mashable]

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