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Petal tries to find “Heaven” in new video

Kiley Lotz of Petal (Photo: Danielle Parsons)

Petal is the pen name of Kiley Lotz, who—in addition to spending time acting in off-broadway plays—has been working on a debut LP under her chosen moniker, with a rotating band lineup that periodically counts members of Tigers Jaw among its members. On October 23, Run For Cover Records will release Shame, the follow-up to Petal’s 2013 EP Scout. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Heaven” below, which sees Lotz search for the little pieces of ecstasy in her daily life. Though, as Lotz points out when describing the video’s concept, it’s not always so easy.

“We wanted to show two things with the video—the first kind of showing how anxiety can affect daily life. There’s a lot of isolation and preparation that goes into getting ready to go out and interact with people and trying to predict what might happen. And then sometimes you get out there and it’s harder to talk to people or trust they are good, and other times it’s so easy and natural and those are the best days. We also wanted to show that the people we encounter everyday are heavenly or are heaven to someone else in their lives. We wanted to show people, families, couples having fun and that even small interactions with strangers can be beautiful.”

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