Continuing an inevitable trajectory set in motion the second a screenwriter typed the words "veterinary hospital" on his laptop, PETA has announced that it will protest the new NBC sitcom Animal Practice, because it has animals on it and that's what PETA does. The organization has created a Facebook page urging supporters to join them outside of NBC's Hollywood studios, hold signs, distribute leaflets, and dress in all black while wearing monkey masks. ("The masks will be provided.") This, PETA says, will help call attention to the very serious exploitation of showbiz animals, who are "subjected to abusive training methods and forced to spend most of their lives in small, filthy cages, deprived of everything that is natural and important to them" just for the purpose of providing sight gags on a Justin Kirk sitcom. Of course, so far only around 29 people have committed to join PETA's cause—possibly because, as we pointed out recently, that goddamn Animal Practice monkey probably lives better than you do. [via Entertainment Weekly]