Not content with naming "movies that make you go meatless", the publicity-shy People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals have also decided to weigh in on the "Top 10 Animal Friendly Superheroes." A sample:

8. Superman–In a one-shot "PSA comic" entitled "Superman: For the Animals," Supes rescues a kitten from being thrown off a bridge by a group of kids named (seriously) Ballser, Charlie, Donuts, and Eightball and, in the process, teaches everyone a valuable lesson about not picking on anyone weaker than you–including animals.

Ballser and Donuts learned a valuable lesson that day!

The full list can be found at PETA's blog. One quibble: Animal Man is number three. He's Animal Man. He fights for the animals and promotes vegetarianism. What else does an Animal Man have to do to be number one?