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[Warning: Spoilers for the Pet Sematary remake below.]

Pet Sematary’s previous trailer revealed a major change it was making to Stephen King’s book, one that fundamentally alters both the narrative and the story’s philosophical underpinnings. It’s a compelling shift, changing the story’s central death to that of 9-year old Ellie instead of 2-year old Gage, and the ways in which it impacts the tale is explored in the above trailer, wherein the Creed’s only daughter, having returned from a burying ground that resurrects the dead, recounts the day of her death.


When Gage returns in both the book and the previous film adaptation, he’s a blood-lusting little creature. Here, the reanimated Ellie still comes across like a child, one that still doesn’t fully comprehend death or, it seems, that she died in the first place. “Back from where?” she asks after Jason Clarke’s Louis tells her she’s “back.” It’s supremely creepy stuff, and promises a wildly different back half than that of its source material.

Pet Sematary hits theaters this Friday, April 5.

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