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Pet Sematary to no longer lay down, play dead, be dead

According to the L.A. Times, a “new version” of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is currently being prepped at Paramount, where screenwriter Matthew Greenberg (who’s tackled King’s work before in 1408) is finishing a script that revives the 1983 tale of zombie resurrection and poor parenting choices, bringing the story back to life—though it’s never quite the same. It may look like that story, but it ain’t that story. You see, the ground’s gone sour. What goes into it never comes back like it's supposed to.

But some movie folks, they don’t listen. You see, the Pet Sematary reimagining is part of a current spate of Stephen King properties being pulled from their natural resting places that includes Ron Howard’s The Dark Tower and the recently announced remakes of both The Stand and It. But some barriers are not meant to be crossed. The Indians knew that. They stopped making Pet Sematary movies after what happened with Edward Furlong. They knew it was an abomination. But the soil of a movie industry’s heart is stonier, and what it owns, always comes home to them. But sometimes, dead is better. (There, I think we got them all.)


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