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Pet Sematary remake still not convinced that dead is better

Ignoring our spookily intoned warnings that the ground had gone sour—despite our delivering them in a Maine accent while rocking on our front porch, thus conveying a weary authority—Paramount remains intent on bringing back Pet Sematary from beyond the barrier of death and Edward Furlong-starring sequels. The update of Stephen King’s classic novel about why you should just bury your cats and kids in regular cemeteries (and maybe even before they’re dead, just to be safe) has been in the works since at least 2010, and had last been attached to 1408 screenwriter Matthew Greenberg.

Now Variety reports that that script is still in play under director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, whose work on the zombie sequel 28 Weeks Later has doomed him ever since to being sought out for every single other franchise extension that remotely deals with immortality, from remakes of The Crow to Highlander to now this. Whether Fresnadillo will similarly have a change in the stony soil of his heart about Pet Sematary remains to be seen, but remember: What you buy is what you own…. And what you own comes home to you. Ayup.


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