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Person with accent sought for Fantastic Four's new Doctor Doom

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After rumors that Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot might try gender-flipping its Doctor Doom, producers have decided, on second thought, maybe reading the backlash to Michael B. Jordan playing the Human Torch would suffice as the dismaying glimpse into the heart of the Internet necessary to any movie’s preproduction. Instead, they’ve gone with the classic choice for a villain—a white guy with an accent—narrowing the short-list down to four young actors, three English and one Irish, that hew to the Jaguar-endorsed notion that everyone from the United Kingdom is evil.


They are: Harry Potter’s Domnhall Gleeson; Les Misérables’ Eddie Redmayne; Sam Riley, who played Joy Division’s Ian Curtis in Control; and Toby Kebbell, who played Curtis’ manager Rob Gretton in that very same movie. One of these could be the young, presumably pre-med Dr. Victor von Doom, who terrorizes the fresh-faced Fantastic Four of Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller, and Jamie Bell—primarily by saying things with the crisp, Received Pronunciation that implies even the most Fantastic of Fours are boorishly uncultured, thus undermining their confidence.

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