With the acknowledgment that a certain faction of the Internet regards every bit of Walking Dead news as a spoiler—greeting the slightest hint of foreknowledge with a victimized rancor once reserved for pickpockets and shady business dealings, and forcing the messenger of said news to go to great, convoluted lengths to precede it with such purple-prose warnings as to sufficiently hide it behind a voluntary click so that no one will have their innocence unwittingly violated—The Hollywood Reporter confirms that a person will return next season.

The identity of that person, now that you’ve made the choice to accept knowing it, is David Morrissey, whose character The Governor will definitely be back. As promised by Sunday’s finale—which saw The Governor drive off into the unknown without first saying, “Well, that’s it for me! So long, everyone!”—the door was left open for Morrissey to continue being a series regular next season. Or, as creator Robert Kirkman sort-of-joked, “He could die in the next episode. This is The Walking Dead; you never know.” Kirkman then probably confirmed that other people and also some zombies would probably return too, but screw that, we’ve already been spoiled enough for one day, thanks.