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Two of popular music's most singularly tweaked individuals–reggae gremlin Lee "Scratch" Perry and motivational rocker Andrew WK–might seem like the last two guys you'd want to stick in a recording studio together. Nonetheless, California's brave and visionary Narnack Records announced in a press release today that Perry and WK will buddy up on the former's upcoming Narnack full-length. The duo apparently hit it off when WK interviewed Perry at SXSW earlier this year, and the new album promises to see the icons "truly collaborating on all levels, from instrumentation to lyrics to the overall production sound." Ari Up of The Slits, a character unto herself, will also be on board for the sessions. Says Narnack, "The songs on the new album are going to embody and be rooted in the classic Lee "Scratch" Perry/Upsetter vibe, but take everything to a whole new level." Maybe even this kind of a level:

Useless factoid learned while "researching" this Newswire post: Lee "Scratch" Perry loves everyone. Because he has to.


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