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Perez Hilton launching music compilation series, like he still matters

Perez Hilton, one-time king of the Internet gossip world, is making a go of it in the music industry once again. Hilton has partnered with the recently launched Opus Label to announce a new compilation, Perez Hilton’s Pop Up #1, due out August 7. The record showcases 18 of Hilton’s “favorite and must-know artists”—most of them currently unknown artists with names that sound possibly made up, like Kerli, Fedez, The Cataracs, Donkeyboy, and French Fries.

Hilton, who’s often given credit—by himself, at least—with helping to popularize Lady Gaga, is pretty stoked about the whole thing. Music (and not jizz drawings, as one might think) “is my passion," he says, "and I consider it not just an opportunity but also a responsibility to share great new tunes with my readers!” One of the ways he'll share them with you is through a T-shirt: Buyers can pick up a tee or tank top with Hilton's self-promoting album artwork on the front, then use a code on the hangtag to download the record.


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