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Pepé The King Prawn is merciless in the Muppets' first rap battle

As a general rule, rapping is a skill best left to rappers. Even otherwise-talented musicians trying to rap without proper preparation can result in regrettable declarations of what their name is and what, exactly, they are here to say. Thankfully, however, the Muppets are true polymaths, and, as this clip from James Corden’s comedy rap-battle show Drop The Mic proves, their musical abilities extend to spitting bars.

Here we see Kermit and Pepé The King Prawn square off against Miss Piggy and Beaker, which, given Beaker’s monosyllabic tendencies, doesn’t seem very fair? He’s got quite the mouth with Piggy on his team, however, and Kermit the Frog proves here that if he had one shot, one opportunity, he’d just use it to say nice things about everybody in the room.


But while Kermit approaches his verses with a wholesomeness that’s more Lin-Manuel than Ludacris, Pepé brings the heat. “Can Miss Piggy be up here without a safety report? I’m really not sure how much weight the stage can support,” raps the spicy crustacean.

Beaker’s rhymes, meanwhile, offer the rare pleasure of a joke that is somehow enhanced by the fact you can see it coming from an ocean away. The horror Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s assistant has at his own words is heartbreaking, but it’s still enough to push his team to a win. Kermit, stick to ballads.

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