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People won't stop giving Armie Hammer peaches (hopefully unfucked)

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2017 Oscar-winner Call Me By Your Name is a touching, rapturous, bittersweet story about love, acceptance, and loneliness. It’s also a movie where a guy fucks a peach, an irresistible talking point both for puerile minds, and for those who have adopted that moment of harvested intimacy as a symbol of secret connection between two lovers.

Which might explain why star Armie Hammer is apparently continuing to get his fruit for free, telling Stephen Colbert this week that fans of the film keep giving him peaches—hopefully unused—whenever they see him, and specifically at the stage door of his current Broadway project, Straight White Men. “I get handed at least a peach or two at every stage door,” he told Colbert, although, sadly, it sounds like he isn’t getting to actually reap the bounty for himself. (People want him to sign them, apparently as some sort of extremely short-term, symbolically erotic collectible.) He’s also keeping in personal touch with former co-star Timothée Chalamet, with the two regularly FaceTiming so that Hammer can get New York life advice from his younger but more Gotham-savvy friend.


[via The New York Post]

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