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People who brought you Chuck and Human Target now want you to catch Bad Guys

It's been a year and a half since Chuck went off the air, and that show's creative team has finally recuperated from its constant-threat-of-cancellation stress and is back in the saddle. Executive producer Matt Miller and writer Zev Borow are re-teaming for a third time (after working together on the also-canceled Human Target), to bring you a new drama set to air on Fox.

Bad Guys centers around a single mom who's a detective for the NYPD. While balancing solving crimes and raising a teenage son, she also has to deal with her father, a recently paroled ex-con. They're the original odd couple!

It's been a busy year for Miller, who also sold Forever to ABC, a drama about a pathologist in a New York City morgue who has to solve the show's central mystery: why he can't die, even at the ripe old age of 200. Basically, it's that one episode of The X-Files, except every week. Which we're fine with, because that was a great one.

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