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People still confused about this “Hidden Fences” thing

FYI: This is Hidden Figures

Awards season is an exciting time for everyone, from the nominees and winners to the various news outlets dutifully reporting on said contenders and excitement. Sometimes, this means that a typo is overlooked, or that The Academy’s media partner mistakenly lists a couple of also-rans on the official Oscars site. It can happen to anyone, including one of the Bush twins and Batman, who inadvertently created a nonexistent movie called “Hidden Fences” on Golden Globes night. See, that’s a portmanteau of Hidden Figures and Fences, two lauded films that don’t have a ton in common beyond featuring predominantly black casts, but are now inextricably linked. Weeks after Michael Keaton and Jenna Bush Hager apologized for their gaffes, the Today show and BuzzFeed Entertainment have made the same mistake.

Variety noted the mistakes earlier today; BuzzFeed Entertainment’s was relegated to Twitter, while Today touted “Hidden Fences” in its Oscars coverage online.


Guess some folks at BuzzFeed and Today just really want to see an Octavia Spencer-Viola Davis cinematic reunion already.

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