Dave Matthews Band topped last week’s Billboard album charts, racking up over 265,000 sales of Away From The World in its first week out. Some guy named Bob Dylan came in third, selling only about 109,000 copies of his brand-new album, Tempest. Based on sales alone, it's safe to assume that Dave Matthews is a much better artist than this "Bob Dylan," and he will no doubt go down in history as one of the most talented musicians of our time.

The Avett Brothers racked up just under 100,000 sales of their new album, The Carpenter, while The xx came in fifth, selling 73,000 copies of its sophomore album Coexist. ZZ Top came in sixth on the charts with its new long player, La Futura, which sold just under 31,000 copies.


Amanda Palmer made her debut at No. 10, selling 23,000 copies of her latest, the Kickstarter funded Theatre Is Evil. A lot more people probably downloaded it for free, but that's okay because she’s into getting stuff you want without paying for it.

Finally, the Fifty Shades Of Grey classical album topped the album chart it its genre, selling a staggering 16,287 copies to people who want to spice up their sex lives by listening to orchestral music.