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As heartbreaking as the content may have been, Tig Notaro’s already-legendary Largo set was an overwhelming comedic success. Now, with sales figures rolling in for the recording of the set, it’s a certified commercial success as well. Live, which was released exclusively on Louis C.K.’s site, has reportedly sold about 75,000 copies—a figure that would have put the record at No. 3 on the Billboard charts, right above the new Kiss record—that is, if C.K.’s site was set up to submit to Soundscan. It’s not, unfortunately, but Notaro can take solace not only in knowing she’s that officially better than Gene Simmons, but also in the hefty amount of money she raked in for both herself and charity from this whole endeavor. Even after expenses, some sites are estimating she will pocket somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000—and, of course, at least some of that money goes to cancer research.

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