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Alanis Morissette may have once dismissed the value of free ride when you’ve already paid, but considering how the last few months have gone for her, she’d probably appreciate a few free rides here and there. In January, she sued her former business manager for stealing $4.8 million from her, and now TMZ is reporting that thieves recently broke into her house and stole $2 million in jewelry. At this point, she should probably make sure there isn’t a goofy “steal from me” sign taped to her back, because this is pretty crazy.

The TMZ story says her home is “in a very secure area” and that it’s unclear if anything other than jewelry was taken, but it seems a little unusual that she would have so much jewelry stolen right after that lawsuit. Still, it’s more of a coincidence than irony, so we can’t make any jokes about that song, but Morissette oughta know that she should find a more secure place to store her jewelry at least.


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