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People have already streamed 882 years' worth of Drake's new album on Spotify

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Heck, maybe honesty really is the best policy: Drake’s new album Scorpion—in which he openly acknowledges the son former beefmate Pusha T accused him of hiding on a recent diss track, among other topics—has just smashed Spotify’s record for most streams in a single day. Per Variety, the album’s songs were streamed 132,450,203 times during its first day of release, meaning that, if we go off of an average track-length of three-and-a-half minutes, the human race collectively spent about 882 years this week listening to Drake. (Unrelated fun fact: You have to be super careful when Googling terms like “Scorpion length,” or you end up with a lot of creepy bug pictures and unwanted Mortal Kombat info.)


It’s worth noting that these numbers come from a third-party site, and not Spotify itself, but still: Pretty impressive. Of course, it’s also important to remember that Drake has already self-selected himself a bit here, sorting himself into the somewhat smaller category of musical superstars who’re willing to let the service play their music on the first day of release. (No Tidal exclusives, for once.) Meanwhile, he’s also dominating the charts of his pals at Apple Music, where Scorpion’s 25 songs are the 25 top songs on the entire service. (All those listening ears don’t seem to have soothed the frequently prickly Toronto star’s ego, though; he left his own angry review on the album’s Apple Music page, mocking all the usual fan complaints that get levied against him every time a new album comes out.)

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