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People don't like Uwe Boll's Holocaust movie for some reason

It seems as though Uwe Boll managed to wring not one but three different films out of the same Nazi concentration camp of wonders: In addition to BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich and Blubberella, two films that approach the atrocities of World War II from the as-yet-unexplored perspectives of half-breed vampire warriors and overweight female superheroes, he also apparently went the serious route with Auschwitz, which Boll claims is the first film to reveal the “real, everyday truth” of the Holocaust.

Saying the film would “show Auschwitz as what it was: a meat plant for humans—a death factory” or an “abattoir,” Boll believes it’s his obligation to counter "special story films" about the Holocaust "like Life Is Beautiful or Schindler's List" in order to “ensure that the Holocaust is not forgotten,” and that he’s definitely the man for the job: “For a director like me who is known for his explicit depictions of violence, it's my duty to use precisely this talent to show people the atrocities of the Nazis.” (Well, he’s got to use his talents for something.)


Unfortunately, everyone just wants to forget about the Holocaust, we guess, because the reaction to the below teaser trailer (which first debuted in early September) has now resulted in "outrage," “widespread revulsion” and several open condemnations by critics. We’re not sure why: It just has Uwe Boll in a Nazi uniform, hanging outside a gas chamber while various prisoners are suffocated, have their teeth pulled, and babies are fed into ovens. It’s not like he stuck a fat female superhero in there for kicks.