(Screenshot: eBay)

Everybody loves concert merch that specifically lists tour dates or whatever, because it’s an easy way of letting other people know about a cool thing that they got to experience. As impressive as a cheap t-shirt from a legendary concert is, though, it’s nothing compared to a cheap t-shirt from an infamously terrible concert. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to attend an infamously terrible concert, which is one of the main reasons that eBay exists.

Case in point, Jezebel is reporting that enterprising survivors of the hilariously disastrous Fyre Festival have begun flipping their useless merch on eBay in hopes of making a quick buck off of envious non-attendees, and some of them are actually making good money. One person managed to sell a Fyre Festival-branded hat for $35, even though they charged an outrageous $13.73 for shipping, and another user sold a glorified lanyard (see above) for $71.


Unfortunately, not everything is selling that well. One of the bigger flops is a Fyre Festival hoodie, which the description called “very roomie” and “a piece of the history.” It was going for $300, but the auction ended without getting any bids. Meanwhile, one of those power bank/phone charger things with the Fyre logo is currently going for about $30 with 25 bids, suggesting that this Fyre crap is actually pretty useful if it has a practical purpose beyond allowing you to lie to your friends about a stupid thing you didn’t go to.

[Note: Jezebel, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]