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People are printing out Sean Spicers and hiding them in bushes

Screenshot: Facebook, Lisa Kadonga

One of the singular images of the Trump administration thus far is that of Press Secretary Sean Spicer, possibly so rattled from the task of being an attack dog in the president’s ongoing war with the media, seeking refuge either in or among shrubbery this week. It is a perfect metaphor for the psychic toll the warring versions of reality propagated by the Trump administration creates on us all, let alone him, the bearer of alternative facts to the people whose entire job is the acquisition of actual facts. In its own way, it feels like a tacit admission that all this shit is too much even for him.

A person from Ontario named Lisa Kadonga has taken to replicating that wonderful image wherever possible.


This simple afternoon craft can spread joy throughout your neighborhood, reminding passersby that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is terrified of your lights and your questions and your cameras and he needs some time to think things over. This Comey shit is just too much for him, for you, for all of us.

May the world be peppered with Garden Spicers by Monday.

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