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People are mad at this guy for buying an old BattleBot

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Screenshot: William Osman

Having saved up his money “from selling cat t-shirts” online, YouTuber William Osman decided to treat himself to a BattleBot—one of those old-fashioned gladiatorial death machines that fight each other on TV for our amusement. Considering that Osman is the same guy who once crafted a laser-cut Vin Diesel ham statue, we believe the retired fight-robot has found itself a worthy owner. Unfortunately for Osman, angry BattleBot fans don’t agree.


Since posting a video showing off his new ‘Bot—a saw-equipped metal monster named Red Devil—being put to proper use, crushing cans and fucking up a bicycle, Osman has been criticized by the internet for his purchase.

In a video posted yesterday, Osman reads comments from people upset that he isn’t treating the Red Devil properly, despite the fact that it was originally designed to fight for its survival against other, equally violent robots. He also says the new team leader for the group that built Red Devil—the previous one, having seen more than enough young robots cut down in their prime, sold Osman the ‘Bot as he retired—wants him to make clear he owns an old model and not whatever Red Devil 2.0 that might be created in the future.

Before he gets into the part of the video where he examines the machine’s parts, Osman just looks tired, frustrated, and bemused that he’s received a bunch of criticism for buying and playing around with the BattleBot. After this, he addresses the most common complaints, telling viewers that he does actually know how the thing works and how to fix it, then crushes a framed, printed-out Reddit comment between Red Devil’s steel mandibles. Then, Osman gets back to work, using the ‘Bot to wreck some more stuff. Seeing the delight in his face as the long-dormant warrior is allowed to exercise its instinctual drive to break shit, we know that Osman is the robot’s rightful owner.

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