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People are demanding refunds from Spotify because they're sick of Drake

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Over the weekend, we reported that Spotify users had already streamed 882 years worth of Drake’s new album Scorpion, with some of the tracks’ play counts getting well into the 9-digit area. But that’s not to say that everyone on the streaming platform is loving this new all-Drake-all-the-time lifestyle. Some users on Reddit have started asking Spotify for refunds because they’re sick of seeing the 31-year-old rapper’s face plastered all over the Browse section of their favorite music app.

Citing more than just an aversion to Drake’s pouty mug, these users have argued that his appearance on nearly every curated playlist—from Happy Pop Hits to Daily Commute—constitutes an advertisement, and since their subscription is for an ad-free service, they deserve a refund. Some have even noted that less than 50% of the playlists that use Drake’s picture for their album art actually feature music from Drake. It’s as if Spotify just doesn’t want you to forget what Jimmy from Degrassi looks like.


So, the anti-Drake rebellion was kicked off yesterday by user Schwagschwag in the r/Music subreddit who shared his successful exchange with Spotify customer service and called on other users to demand their refunds.

Image: Reddit

From an outside perspective, it’s hard to tell if this recent proliferation of Drake is a natural result of some Spotify algorithm or if it’s a conscious push by a streaming platform that’s in cahoots with the artist and/or record label. But the fact that his image is being circulated more than his actual music is fishy to say the least. The official Spotify Cares twitter account explained away the phenomenon as a “celebration” of Drake’s new, chart-topping album.


Unfortunately, dissatisfied users have discovered that the chances that they’ll actually get a refund depend heavily on which customer service rep they end up talking to:

Screenshot: r/Music (Reddit)

Of course, if confrontation isn’t your bag, there’s always the alternative solution: Accept the Drake. Give in to the Drake. Start to love the Drake.


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