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People are calling Trump’s immigration line to complain about UFOs

(Photo: Pool/Getty Images)

Yesterday saw President Donald Trump achieve a new milestone in the fields of DIY racism and xenophobia, announcing the Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (a.k.a. VOICE), a new government initiative that includes among its “services” a hotline people can call if they feel like the people committing crimes against them might also happen to be illegal immigrants. (Presumably, they should contact the police first, but priorities may vary.)

Correctly identifying Trump’s new initiative as a handy way to turn “dey took our jerbs” muttering into media-friendly data points, the internet has availed itself of VOICE’s hotline for its own purposes: Reporting abuses committed against them by illegal aliens like E.T., Kodos and Kang, and the xenomorphs from Alien.


A few even got on the case of more terrestrial cryptids:


Buzzfeed has a Facebook conversation with Alexander McCoy, one of the first people to suggest this particular response to Trump’s new narc-line. According to McCoy, he ended up waiting on hold for 26 minutes before relating his UFO abduction story to one of the line’s exasperated staffers, who did not seem to be having a very good #AlienDay at all.

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