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Penny Dreadful is back, in comic book form

Penny Dreadful

Earlier this year, Showtime’s Penny Dreadful concluded its third season—and, according to series creator John Logan, the story as a whole—on a pretty definitive note, adding a title card that said “The End” in an old-timey font just to reinforce its point. But this is 2016, an era where pretty much everything is subject to a revival, plot be damned. And so, in defiance of the show’s message about the existential torment that accompanies eternal life, Penny Dreadful will continue as a comic book.

According to a press release from publisher Titan Comics—which also published a Penny Dreadful prequel comic earlier this year—the story will pick up six months after the events of the season-three finale, as gunslinger werewolf Ethan Chandler struggles to go on without you-know-who. Amid his grief, “ancient words echo across the centuries, and he is called on once again to take up arms against the creatures crawling out of the night,” presumably with that vampire hunter lady they introduced midway through the third season for reasons heretofore unknown.


The new Penny Dreadful sequel series will debut at comics retailers in early 2017.

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