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Penn Badgley's insufferable, dangerous creep is back in this second-season teaser for You

Although it debuted on Lifetime last year, Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti’s dissection of romantic comedies, toxic men, and the intersections between same, You, didn’t become a sensation until earlier this year, when its first season landed on Netflix. Now the show’s second season is set to debut on Netflix proper on December 26, and while the platform, setting, and, uh, names might have all changed, Penn Badgley’s central insufferable, monstrous creep is still right here whispering in our ears.


That’s the thrust of the above trailer, which sees Badgley’s Joe—now calling himself Will, and re-settled in L.A., far away from any literal skeletons he might have left in any literal closets—passing banal judgement on a coffee shop full of people, even as his own hypocrisy mounts. Based loosely on Caroline Kepnes’ second novel about the character, Hidden Bodies, the season will see Joeill set his sights on another unlucky young woman who he will then likely fall madly in “love” with.

The first season of You was an emotionally complex look at the building blocks of toxic relationships; we’ll have to see how many cookie cutter, snide thoughts about people writing scripts in coffee shops we’ll have to endure to get more of the same in Season 2.

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