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Penelope gives her son the talk—no, not that one—in this One Day At A Time exclusive

Candor is a vital part of Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce’s One Day At A Time, which has made the move to Pop TV for its fourth season. The Alvarez family, led by Penelope (Justina Machado), speak frankly about almost everything—money problems, confronting bigotry, mental health. But in this exclusive clip from this week’s all-new episode, it’s clear that some family members would appreciate more “Boundaries.”


Season four kicked off with a census taker (Ray Romano) getting a crash course in the Alvarez-Berkowitz-Schneider family dynamics, then began to take a closer look at single mom Penelope’s nonexistent love life. As played by the luminous Machado, Penelope has always found a way to handle things by herself—including herself. So when her son Alex (Marcel Ruiz) accidentally walks in on her “alone time,” Penelope thinks it’s time for “the talk” about self-gratification. Alex is mortified and Lydia (Rita Moreno) is appalled, so naturally, it’s time for Elena (Isabella Gomez) to up the cringe factor by offering to help her mom educate everyone else. But this humorous clip of their awkward talk addresses only some of the boundaries that are crossed in this week’s episode. It’s not just Alex who deals with an overbearing parent, and it’s not only Elena who boasts about her frankness.

“Boundaries,” the third episode of One Day At A Time season four (and funniest so far, by our estimation), airs Tuesday, April 7 at 9 p.m. ET on Pop TV.