Perhaps emboldened by the success of Dumb And Dumber To, the long-percolating Zoolander sequel is starting to show some momentum. Deadline reports that Penelope Cruz has signed on to the film, a fitting bit of casting if only because she’s really, really, really, ridiculously good looking. Cruz will star alongside Ben Stiller, who will reprise his role as pouty guyliner aficionado Derek Zoolander.

At this point, Stiller is in place to direct as well as star, with Justin Theroux, a man who understands the struggles of the unreasonably attractive, attached to write the screenplay. Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson have been rumored to return as Mugatu and Hansel, but their roles have yet to be officially confirmed.


Anyway, the entire purpose of Zoolander 2—and any comedy sequel made more than 10 years after the original, and comedy sequels in general—is to facilitate the repetition of jokes from the original film among fans who prefer to communicate their thoughts and feelings in movie-quote form, so reference away, referencers.