Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Even though the news that Penelope Cruz would join the cast of Zoolander 2 was all but confirmed a few months ago, Ben Stiller has made things official. He did so by posting what we can only assume is the headshot Cruz has been using in Hollywood for the past 25 years on Instagram:


Zoolander 2 has been stewing for a while, but is shooting now; Stiller and Owen Wilson walked the Valentino runway in character last month to acknowledge that the movie is finally happening. Celebrated good looking person Justin Theroux wrote the script with Stiller, who is also directing. The film is currently slated for a February 12, 2016 release, which leaves plenty of time to watch the original Zoolander on repeat in the hopes that each viewing will somehow counteract the sequel’s inevitable diminishing returns on jokes from 2001.