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Peep Show’s Mark Corrigan is one of television’s most eloquent cynics whose expressed attitudes toward the mundane are pure art. The show’s “inner voice” format allows viewers to hear the most personal, and often hilariously accurate, ramblings of Corrigan, which likely flow directly from the brain of his portrayer David Mitchell.


Mitchell began a web series a few years ago entitled David Mitchell’s SoapBox that features the comedian’s well-worded musings on everything from signing boobs to eating together. Mitchell recently posted a new rant for the first time in more than a year. His beard is gone but the red shirt remains, and the topic is climate change. Essentially, he believes that while depending on fossil fuels has been a real gas, it’s time to stop. He equates grotesque irresponsibility with enormous fun, discussing how burning oil is “brilliant,” but it’s “a real pisser that we can’t do it anymore,” and adding that he would really like someone to convince him that global warming isn’t actually happening. Watch below, and like Mitchell says, “Let’s grimly do our recycling and not use planes as much…not because any of that stuff is fun or cool…but because we have to.”

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