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Pee-wee Herman to realize his Broadway dreams (which don't involve rolling a big donut and a snake wearing a vest)

For those who missed the recent L.A.-based revival of The Pee-wee Herman Show, you may want to begin planning a trip to New York: Paul Reubens has announced that he’ll be bringing his developmentally arrested alter ego to Broadway for a six-week run beginning October 26. Pre-sale tickets are available now just by entering the secret word "scream" at Pee-wee's website.

Pee-wee has been slowly, cautiously reentering the public’s good graces after the world was rocked by the innocence-destroying scandal of Big Top Pee-wee, appearing on talk shows in character and talking up possible new movies, including a big-screen update of Pee-wee’s Playhouse that’s supposedly still in development at Paramount. The Broadway show should go a long way toward moving that forward, reviving beloved familiar characters like Conky The Robot and Chairry. As Reubens told the New York Times, ““I felt if people came to it now they would be going, where’s the talking chair?” Indeed. In fact, we say that all the time, pretty much wherever we go.


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