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Pedro Pascal to play potent potable in Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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Matthew Vaughn recently disclosed some details about Kingsman: The Golden Circle, including the film’s aforementioned title and gossamer plot, while remaining mum on the bum stuff. The director said that while he’s not generally one for fan service, he couldn’t help but hear the cries for “another church sequence” which, if you haven’t seen the film, involves Colin Firth wiping out a congregation of bigots (but only because he couldn’t help himself). While Vaughn doesn’t have another one of those in him, he’s already working on equally violent scenes, which will probably include Pedro Pascal now that he’s officially joined the cast.

According to Deadline, Pascal has signed on to play a character named Jack Daniels, of whom little else is known, regrettably. But with that name, which is almost certainly a code name, Pascal’s probably playing a Southern gent, or maybe a relative of someone who was offed in the church, whose subsequent vendetta meets a gory end. Or, since Vaughn’s already promised another barroom brawl, perhaps Pascal will argue with Harry Hart’s ghost (a possibly returning Firth) over whether Jack Daniel’s is whiskey or bourbon.


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