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Pedro Pascal might join Matt Damon in Great Wall movie

As Oberyn Martell on Game Of Thrones, Pedro Pascal learned a thing or two about being crushed by an impossibly large object. That time, it was a Mountain. This time, it might be the Great Wall Of China. Like, the actual wall, not a guy named after it because he’s so strong and wide.

According to The Wrap, Pascal is in talks to join Chinese director Zhang Yimou’s English-language debut, The Great Wall. We don’t know much about the film, but it’s apparently about “an elite force” of British warriors fighting against some kind of possibly supernatural enemy on top of the eponymous Great Wall in medieval China. We reported back in September that Matt Damon and Bryan Cranston were in talks to join the project, but Cranston has since backed out. The Wrap says Damon is still involved, though.

Pascal is also currently attached to the Ben-Hur remake, where he’d be playing Pontius Pilate. It’s been a while since we read our Bibles, but we’re pretty sure Pilate makes it out of the whole “Jesus getting crucified” thing without anyone crushing him to death. In other words, it sounds like it’ll be a new kind of role for him


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