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Pain And Glory, the latest film from the legendary Pedro Almodóvar, premiered this past May at Cannes, where we described it as a deeply intimate film that “offers something like an up-close-and-personal look at the aging master, reminiscing wistfully (if only semi-autobiographically) on his own history.” Antonio Banderas, who took home Cannes’ Best Actor award, stars as a neurotic Spanish filmmaker who’s gearing up for an anniversary screening of one of his most successful films. The trip down memory lane (and a bit of heroin) trigger a number of flashbacks, from sexual awakenings to first loves to parental strife.

Though we didn’t name it one of Almodóvar’s best, Pain And Glory impresses nevetheless. “It’s as if Almodóvar were seeking new emotional honesty by cutting away most traces of his signature melodrama, looking at himself in the mirror without the sunglasses of genre,” reads our review.


Penelope Cruz, Asier Etxeandia, and Nora Navas also pop up in the above trailer. Pain And Glory will next play the New York Film Festival ahead of its October 4 opening.

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