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Illustration for article titled Peculiar child Asa Butterfield may star in Tim Burton’s iMiss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children/i

Having been patched up by Doc Farnsworth and promised to never get into the chicken coop again, Asa Butterfield is reportedly pursuing a role in Tim Burton’s next movie, as doggedly as that ol’ stud rooster had pursued his britches. The Wrap reports that the young actor most recently seen in Ender’s Game is in talks to star in Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, the adaptation of Ransom Riggs’ novel about a group of schoolchildren with unusual powers and the teen who tries to protect them from evil, presumably by using the magic possessed by every teenager.


Butterfield would play that teen, Jacob Portman, opposite Eva Green, who’s already attached as the children’s guardian, Miss Peregrine. The role is yet another sign that young Asa Butterfield is becoming of age now, lending some credence to Missus Beansley’s whispers that she’d seen him stealing into the corn patch with Mary Hassenfuss—and they certainly weren’t picking no corn.

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