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Pearl Jam shared a starkly lit performance music video for "Sirens," the second single from forthcoming album Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam’s 10th album Lightning Bolt come out on October 14, and the band has slowly premiered new songs at shows this summer—including a rain-delayed marathon set at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Now it's released a video for the album’s second single, the six minute slow-burning “Siren.” Directed by Danny Clinch—who also helmed the Pearl Jam concert film Immagine In Cornice and the video for Lightning Bolt’s first single “Mind Your Manners”—it’s a simple performance video with stark lighting (in what looks like the same studio space as the “Mind Your Manners” video), dropping any semblance of stylistic frills. But it’s a powerhouse of 12-string guitars, piano, harmonized vocals, and guitar solos that shows there’s still life yet in Eddie Vedder and company.

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