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Peabody winners include Barry, Pose, Steven Universe, and Killing Eve

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Statistically, given the fact that you’re on this website, there’s a very good chance that a show you like just won a Peabody Award. The winners for the Entertainment category were announced today, and they include a whole bunch of good picks like Barry, Pose, The Good Place, The Americans, and Killing Eve. Plus, Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe won the category for children’s programming, with the Peabody Board noting that the show’s depiction of empathy as “perhaps the most important superpower” is “something our real-world human society needs now more than ever.” Also, Sesame Street was awarded the Institutional Award for, you know, being Sesame Street, with the organization also highlighting the way the show is used to remind people and politicians why public broadcasting is “necessary and valuable.”


The Peabody Board has released a sizzle reel showcasing all of the winners, in case you prefer to watch this stuff, but you can also see the full list of entertainment recipients below.

Peabody 2019 Entertainment Winners

Steven Universe


Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette

Killing Eve

Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj


The Americans

The End Of The F***ing World

The Good Place

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