Bagel Bites (Photo: Flickr user JeffIsAGeek)

The Bagel Bites jingle (“Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening…”) has long been a source of much love and amusement, even if the product it sells isn’t nearly as worthwhile of admiration. And, the Internet being the Internet, there are plenty of covers of that jingle floating around, from one semi-sweetly sung by a dad to his baby to another that’s not nearly as family friendly. MetalSucks has uncovered a pretty good new one, though, sung in the style of Slayer, a band that undoubtedly loves both pizza and bagels. “Bagel Bites [Snack Em All]” was produced by MetalSucks reader Sloan Stewart and is apparently a tribute to not only the hybrid food, but to big-ass cans of Mountain Dew and hamfisted trips to Dollar General. God bless America.