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If the first Men In Black: International trailer aimed to preserve some of the madcap action of the original, the latest, Missy Elliott-backed trailer does its job securing the comedy. With the addition of the snarky/seemingly loyal alien sidekick Pawny voiced by Kumail Nanjiani, this go-round looks just as fun as our first introduction to the top secret organization back in 1997.

One bit of key info that we learn this time is that Agent M (Tessa Thompson) had an encounter with the Men In Black at a very young age and witnessed the erasing of her parents’ memories, which inspired her to search for the agency for 20 years. It’s one hell of a way to stumble upon your career aspirations, but it’s ultimately kismet: Thompson and Chris Hemsworth function as a passionate duo determined to protect the earth from an (un)certain threat, making this extraterrestrial spin on the buddy cop comedy worth a sincere chance.


Men (and women!) In Black: International hits theaters June 14.

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