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Pauly Shore wants an Encino Man sequel

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If Pauly Shore is to be believed, audiences may finally get the answer to the burning question, “What’s up, buuuuuuddy?” Shore recently stated that he wants to make a sequel to the 1992 comedy Encino Man, in which Shore and a post-Goonies/pre-hobbit Sean Astin unearth a caveman (Brendan Fraser) in their backyard. It’s assumed that this time around, the ancient relic that will be uncovered will be the three actors’ careers.


One new addition audiences can probably expect will be “Turn Down For What” substituting for Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” in the sequel’s trailer.

The once-and-future Weasel has stated that the film’s original writer, Shawn Schepps, has an idea for a sequel, though she hasn’t actually written it yet. It’s unclear if or when the new film would be made, but it’s probably a fair assumption that the three main characters will return, if Fraser’s turn in Furry Vengeance and Astin’s appearance in that Corey Feldman music video are any indication.

(Via Variety)

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