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Paula Pell shares her favorite chode-related SNL writing memory

Writers are not often asked to appear on late night talk shows, which made Paula Pell’s recent chat with Seth Meyers all the more pleasant. The seasoned Saturday Night Live writer (who some may know better as Tammy Zero or Paula Hornberger) stopped by Late Night to trade stories with Meyers last week, initially while wearing a bra on the outside. During the interview Pell casually mentioned that she was one of the masterminds behind Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri’s cheerleader sketches, among many other classics. After the show, however, Pell was asked about her favorite SNL memory. Having worked on the show since 1995, she had a lot to choose from. Ultimately, she went with the time she, Ferrell, and Oteri got into an argument over the meaning of “chode” while coming up with cheerleader sketches, and later pranked everyone with a painfully detailed drawing.

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