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Paula Pell offers merlot and murder in this Mapleworth Murders special clip

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Photo: Quibi

Paula Pell has had her hands full over at Quibi. In the mystery-comedy series Mapleworth Murders, Pell plays Abigail Mapleworth, an impassioned murder-mystery writer who solves homicides with the help of her niece, Paige (Annie Mumolo) in their small town of New Woodstream. Written by and starring Pell and John Lutz, the whodunnit is a nice excuse for the SNL alums to play with some of their big-time comedian friends. This week is no exception: In the latest case (which lasts for three episodes), Nailed It!’s Nicole Byer and The Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz stop by the series to undoubtedly cause trouble at a winery.

To celebrate the new episdodes, Pell and Lutz invited Barinholtz and Byer for a celebratory glass of wine and an impromptu song (unfortunately, Pell does not revisit her breakout Documentary Now! hit, “I Gotta Go”). It’s a perfectly pleasant gathering of friends where absolutely nothing goes wrong and everybody makes it to the end of the Zoom gathering alive. Nothing to see here, folks! Just a nice moment between friends that doesn’t end with the strong possibility of America’s Sweethearts Pell and Lutz heading to prison. (But seriously, watch the sketch clip.)

The next chapter of Mapleworth Murders premieres on Quibi today. Over the course of the series, fans can look forward to a heady roster of special guests, including Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Patton Oswalt, Tim Meadows, and more.

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