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Paula Deen serves up oily apology video

Tainted ambrosia salad Paula Deen has addressed the racist comments she now realizes are inappropriate outside the context of Civil War-themed restaurants and Shirley Temple movies, posting the video apology below. Earlier this morning, Today’s Matt Lauer revealed that Deen was a no-show for a scheduled, “no-holds-barred” interview about the growing controversy, with Deen citing “exhaustion” as the reason.

And, as you can see from the video (since removed from her official YouTube channel, but widely copied), Deen really did work herself disconcertingly red in the face to produce these 46 seconds of begging forgiveness from you, her children, her team, her fans, her partners” and everyone else for the “mistakes I’ve made.” Indeed, as she makes this latest effort to butter up your heart, there’s a cut after every sentence, likely to give Deen time to rest from all the gorging on sincerity.


Of course, such apologies were totally unnecessary, following this morning’s update to her official website confirming she knows a black man.

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