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Paula Abdul to play herself in new NBC comedy pilot

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Michael Kovac)

According to Variety, Paula Abdul has signed on to Fresh Off The Boat and How I Met Your Mother writer Kourtney Kang’s untitled NBC sitcom project, with Abdul playing a version of herself. The pilot is based on Kang’s childhood, with her growing up as “the only girl in the only mixed race family in the suburbs of Philadelphia,” and though she has to face “real-world issues,” she never loses sight of her goal “to become a Laker Girl like her idol, Paula Abdul.”

It’s unclear where the actual Paula Abdul character comes in, but maybe she’ll be an imaginary spirit guide or something. Variety says she’ll be a series regular if this pilot gets picked up, so it might be weird for Paul Abdul to be popping up like Tyler Durden on every episode of this show, but it would definitely be a fun twist on the “celebrity play his/herself on a sitcom” trope.


Meanwhile, MC Skat Kat languishes in obscurity.

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