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Paula Abdul dances, conducts surprise audition for Bond's next Oddjob at Billboard Awards

Photo: John Shearer (Getty Images)

The most recent crop of Bond movies show a willingness to revisit classic characters from the spy series’ long history. After going so far as to feature Christoph Waltz as a 21st century Blofeld, scarred eye and all, the sky seems to be the limit for which figures from the spy’s past might return in films to come.

One celebrity who’s taken notice of this, as evidenced by some vicious, Oddjob-style hat-throwing at last night’s Billboard Music Awards, is Paula Abdul.


During a medley performance of her hits at the Awards, Abdul walked through a cheering crowd in a black dress and brimmed hat. Spotting Julianne Hough, instantaneously noting a likely neck upon which to demonstrate her skills, Abdul skulked up and whipped her hat like a frisbee into her target. While failing to decapitate Hough like a marble statue, the brim connects exactly where it needs to, demonstrating that the singer and former American Idol judge should not be discounted as an upcoming Bond film’s new Oddjob.

The internet took note, responding to Hough posing in a fake neck brace with comparisons to the classic role she was obviously auditioning to take.

Others noted another, equally deadly character that Abdul, if she’s willing to enter the motion capture studio, may be good at playing: Mortal Kombat’s Kung Lao.


The real prize, though, is a spot in a Bond film, not a video game. Knowing now that her eyes are on that specific prize, we should look forward to Abdul’s next bid for the coveted role, perhaps when she ends a morning show appearance by crushing golf balls in her fists or by bringing Sean Connery out of retirement only to beat the shit out of him.

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