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Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield wrote a song so cute, you’ll pee your pants

(Photo: Spotify)

Former Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg is a famous curmudgeon who prefers to save his romantic side for his music. But he’s got an undeniable talent for writing a love song, a talent that’s evident in Westerberg’s new project with fellow indie-scene fixture Juliana Hatfield, the cheekily—and appropriately—named I Don’t Cares. Both Westerberg and Hatfield are talented pop songwriters as well as sarcastic so-and-sos, qualities that show in the first I Don’t Cares single, “1/2 2 P.” A catchy power-pop ditty about infatuation so intense it makes you lose control of your bladder, the vocal harmonies and cutesy lyrics recall a more polished Moldy Peaches, albeit with guitar work that reflects the pair’s respective decades of musical experience.

A full-length I Don’t Cares album, Wild Stab, is coming “soon.”


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